Ample wheel clearance and optimized leverage for high speed pumping
AND lowered platform height.

Bottom Graphics Not Displayed   Pump Deck System ( Deck & Brackets or COMPLETE )

Platform - G│BOMB FREEWILL  28" 9 ply Hard Maple
Front bracket – G│Bomb Pump
Rear bracket – G│Bomb Patented Adjustable 10mm Standard Drop SD-R

Complete sold with -
Freewill Platform - 9 ply Hardrock Canadian Maple, .0625" and .05" Plies.
Infinity Bolt Hardware
Khiro Shock Pads
Bennett 5.0 front (Bushings swapped for our custom bushing recipe)
Randall RII Rear Truck
Otang 75mm In-Heat Wheels
G|Bearings with built-in spacers

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